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Survey Tools

How can I visit a settlement and collect relevant data?

Once a remote assessment of the satellite imagery has taken place, it is normally required that a potential location for electrification is visited and surveyed. Here more detailed information is collected to enable a more accurate demand assessment for the purposes of electrification. At Nigeria SE4ALL we have developed survey templates and tools to conduct the surveys.

Do you want to survey a potential location for electrification purposes? Or do you live in a settlement that you think could benefit from an electrification project, and want to share more information on this location to facilitate a project to happen? Check out the survey tools below to get started:

  • To gather geospatial data about business locations, have a look at using Field Papers in conjunction with OSM data.
  • A KoBoToolbox questionnaire is also available. Get in touch with us and describe in a few sentences why you would like to collect the data, as well as sharing your KoBoToolbox username. You can then receive access to the questionnaires.
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