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Cluster Identification

How can I identify locations of settlements?

When looking at energy access and rural electrification it is crucial to understand where exactly the non- or undersupplied people are living and in which settlement structure they live, e.g. in dispersed settlements or more centralized village structures. This is required in order to identify a suitable electrification option such as by mini-grids, grid-connection or stand-alone solution. In order to understand those spatial population structures, we used openly available datasets derived from satellite imagery to detect buildings in a high spatial resolution.

More information on the detailed methodology behind the dataset is available at the Center for International Earth Science Information Network and at the Facebook Connectivity Lab.

The lastest data download for Nigeria is available here.

The population clusters have been created by applying a density-based clustering algorithm, available in the open-source software environment R.

The population clusters have been derived in order to have discrete units with can be supplemented by additional attributes such as their area and their distance to power grid. In the webmap, these criteria can be filtered on, to provide you with a custom filter of clusters.

Finally, these attributed population clusters form the basis for further assessments. By filtering them according to their size and distance to the grid a first selection is derived for further analysis. This further analysis includes mapping with OSM.

Cluster Identification image