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Delivering data-driven electrification insights

Nigeria SE4ALL offers the most accurate data and latest tools that empower better electrification planning in Nigeria

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Welcome to Nigeria SE4ALL

We are glad to welcome you to the Nigeria Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) website. The Federal Ministry for Power (FMP), and its partners, have commenced a nationwide effort under the umbrella of the SE4ALL initiative to gather data sufficiently accurate and recent for electrification and make it available here.

The electrification sector has undergone fundamental changes, both in terms of technologies (e.g. decentralized renewables), planning actors (e.g. public-private partnerships) and is today increasingly digital. Ground-truth data for electrification enables the sector to achieve our ambitious goals.

SE4ALL Nigeria provides data to all stakeholders and shares its experiences and tools. The data provided will be continuously enriched – please follow by searching for the hashtag #nigeriase4all or on the social media platforms listed at the bottom of this page.

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Data for Project developer

Identify investment opportunities in the electrification sector and gain an edge over your competition

Data for Government

Perform on-the-fly analysis to track nationwide electrification progress on the village level

Data for General public

Get informed about the latest developments for electrification in Nigeria

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Our progress in numbers

Explore the ground-truth electrification data

Analyze highly accurate electrification data on our interactive map

Use our tools

Explore our suite of open source tools for data mining and analysis for electrification and planning

Understand our objectives

Read through the idea and key questions we would like to solve with our data gathering activities

Explore Objectives


Minigrid Monitoring Dashboard

View the latest data on select operational mini-grids in Nigeria
with this new digital monitoring tool.

30:30:30 Tracker

Explore the progress towards key targets to be achieved by the year 2030.